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Loren Brichter, an accomplished developer, wrote to me on Twitter. “I was a generation late to the party, is there and good reading/watching on what Frontier was all about?”
My first thought was — he’s not too late. Frontier is still in use, I’m guessing mostly on the Mac, but there is also a Windows version.
I use it myself to write my JavaScript code. And I use all the ideas in Frontier, and hope one day to have many of the core ideas available in JavaScript-land.
Okay so now here’s a list of things you can look at and listen to, to get an idea of what makes Frontier good, different, and the ideas in Frontier relevant for future development.
I’d start with the 45-minute podcast in 2020 — an oral history of how Frontier came to be. I know a few people for whom that story made the lights go

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