Wild Georgia: Georgia’s ‘second hummingbird season’ is underway

Georgia’s beloved ruby-throated hummingbirds, the only hummers that nest here during spring and summer, have migrated to their winter homes in Mexico and Central America and won’t return until March.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Georgia is devoid of hummingbirds during the cold season. Georgia now regularly hosts one or two — and sometimes as many as six — non-native hummingbird species during winter.

The winter hummingbirds, of course, aren’t nearly as abundant as ruby-throats during spring and summer, but they have become common enough that bird experts now refer to the period November-February as “Georgia’s second hummingbird season.”

That’s why the Georgia Department of Natural Resources advises homeowners to keep up at least one nectar-filled feeder through winter since chances are good that a winter hummer may visit. (You won’t keep hummingbirds from migration by leaving feeders up

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