LawNext: The Founders of Findlaw and Justia on 25 Years of Making Law Free

Twenty-five years ago, in the still-fledgling days of the web, the husband-and-wife team of Tim Stanley and Stacy Stern founded FindLaw and quickly developed it into the most highly trafficked legal site on the internet. In 2001, they sold FindLaw to the West Group, and two years later, they founded Justia, repeating their earlier success and then some with what is now one of the most popular legal sites in the world. 
Throughout, their mission has remained the same: to make law and legal resources free for all. Whereas FindLaw started as a modest collection of links to legal resources, Justia is now one of the world’s largest databases of cases, codes, and other legal resources, all available for free to the site’s visitors. It also supports various public interest and pro bono projects, including the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center, the LGBTQ Legal Resource Center, and the Supreme Court

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