2020-12-21 18:13:29

Five neighborhoods in Queens have more people than Wyoming. Here’s the math. The five largest neighborhoods in Queens, by population, are: Astoria, Jamaica. Corona, Elmhurst and Flushing — for a total of 581K. Wyoming’s population is 578K. The point being this is just part of one county in New York State. It gets zero senators, probably a total of one member of the House (hard to figure). This came up as part of a discussion on how the counties, if votes were allocated to them, one per county, would have given Trump a landslide win over Biden. Yes, and if every one of my toes were worth $1 billion, I would be a billionaire. I’m sure you can tell a story that makes you sleep easier at night. But that’s not how elections are won and lost. And of course everyone knows that. Oh can we stop being idiots some

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