Developing full-stack, cross-platform mobile apps using React Native

In this tutorial, you’ll use React Native to build a cross-platform app that tracks a user’s running data, including run time, duration, distance, and location. You’ll access the device GPS and use it to show the user’s location on Google Maps.
What you’ll need to build your app
Android Studio, if you want to build and test your app for Android devices
Xcode, if you want to build and test your app for iOS devices
A phpMyAdmin local database (download the latest version from here:
Google Developer account to create an API key
Ruby on Rails
Node.js (latest version)
We recommend that you type the code in each of the steps below to reinforce the learning process. Alternatively, you can follow along with the tutorial code in the GitHub repo.
Step 1: Create a React Native app
The first step is to create a React Native app. React Native enables you to start a project without installing or configuring

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