What’s Coming to Hulu in January 2021

This January, Hulu picks up more sci-fi, action-adventure, and extraterrestrial encounters to stream in the new year (since an alien invasion is the only thing that hasn’t happened yet). First on my watchlist is the awkward sci-fi comedy Save Yourselves, where a quirky couple Jack (John Reynolds) and Su (Sunita Mani)…Read more…

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Why the “Access to Justice” Activity Should Be Trying to Solve the A2J Problem

[The content of this article is closely related to six of my previous posts on Slaw, dated: July 25, 2019; April 9, 2020; May 29, 2020; August 6, 2020; October 22, 2020; and October 24, 2020. See also the full text on the SSRN. And, the articles cited below without authors named, are mine.]
The responses being advocated for the access to justice problem (the A2J problem) of unaffordable lawyers’ services, do not involve solving the problem. Instead, they propose using: (1) “lesser legal services providers”—people of lesser qualifications as to education and training than lawyers, such as paralegals; and, (2) ABSs (alternative business structures) that will allow law firms to become investment properties. But solving the problem by transitioning the legal profession to a “support services method” of production would: (1) make more money for lawyers in all kinds of law practice; (2) enable them to serve their clients better;

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