Legal Research Company ROSS to Shut Down Under Pressure of Thomson Reuters’ Lawsuit

ROSS Intelligence, a company that sought to innovate legal research through the use of artificial intelligence, and that helped to raise awareness of AI throughout the legal industry, is shutting down its operations, as a lawsuit against it by Thomson Reuters has crippled its ability to raise new financing or explore potential acquisition and left it without sufficient funds to operate.
“We have made the difficult decision to shut down operations at ROSS Intelligence,” the company said in a statement issued this morning (the full text of which is printed below). “As of Monday of this week, we have no longer been accepting new customers. As of January 31, 2021, the ROSS platform will no longer be available. Between now and then, our priority is to help our current customers transition to other services.”
Even as it ceases operations, however, the company vows to continue its legal battle, using insurance funds to

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