PHP 8.0 Brings Major (And Breaking) Changes to a 25-Year-Old Language

“PHP version 8.0 has arrived, bringing with it a major update to the 25-year-old programming language…” writes Tech Republic.

New language features include the nullsafe operator and attributes (commonly known as annotations in other languages) to add metadata to classes — and more:

The JIT compiler is designed to bring performance improvements to web applications by turning code into instructions for the CPU at runtime. Meanwhile, union types is a feature that allows data of more than one type to be held by a variable. Named arguments allow developers to assign values to a function by specifying the value name, allowing optional parameters to be ignored. Alongside these, version 8.0 of PHP brings optimizations and enhancements to the language’s type system, syntax, error handling and consistency….

Commenting on PHP 8.0, PHP programmer and developer, Brent Roose, noted that the latest version of the language may require developers to review code

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