LawSites Blog Marks 18 Years

Today marks the 18th anniversary of the launch of LawSites blog. My first post was on Nov. 19, 2002.
My initial focus was on tracking web sites of interest to legal professionals. Over time, I expanded to cover legal technology and legal media more broadly, and eventually to also include legal ethics and legal innovation.
Never did I imagine I would still be at it 18 years later — more “at it” than I ever was in those early days. And never could I have imagined the degree to which legal technology and legal practice would continue to evolve and transform all these years later.
For my blog’s continued existence, I owe a big thanks to two companies and the people behind them.
Ten years ago, I almost shut this blog down. The platform on which I’d published was disappearing. The prospect of transferring to another platform was daunting.
Then I heard from the founders

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