Google To GitHub: Time’s Up — This Unfixed ‘High-Severity’ Security Bug Affects Developers

Google Project Zero, the Google security team that finds bugs in all popular software, has disclosed what it classes a high-severity flaw on GitHub after the code-hosting site asked for a double extension on the normal 90-day disclosure deadline. From a report: The bug in GitHub’s Actions feature — a developer workflow automation tool — has become one of the rare vulnerabilities that wasn’t properly fixed before Google Project Zero’s (GPZ) standard 90-day deadline expired. Over 95.8% of flaws are fixed within the deadline, according to Google’s hackers. GPZ is known to be generally strict with its 90-day deadline, but it appears GitHub was a little lax in its responses as the deadline approached after Google gave it every chance to fix the bug. As detailed in a disclosure timeline by GPZ’s Felix Wilhelm, the Google security team reported the issue to GitHub’s security on July 21 and a disclosure

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