Federal approval of Kemp ACA waiver contains last-minute surprises

President Trump and Governor Brian Kemp hope that no matter who wins Tuesday’s election, their plan to block healthcare.gov shopping for Georgians and to revamp individual health insurance is here to stay.

On Sunday, with the election two days away, the Trump administration signed off on its “waiver” agreement with Georgia. It’s the latest of about a dozen states that have reached agreements with the federal government to tailor the Obamacare health insurance market to the state’s needs, and by far the most unconventional.

But as Trump officials raced to do it, they added a unique clause at the end, which appears to tie the hands of any future administration to undo the work.

An administration’s action to “suspend, modify or terminate the waiver” in any way not provided for in the Trump administration’s contract, it reads, “would constitute

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