Raspberry Pi 400 AiO PC cranks it up to 1.8GHz

RPi Trading has launched a $70 to $100 “Raspberry Pi 400” all-in-one keyboard PC with a RPi 4-like mainboard (minus a USB 2.0 and MIPI DSI/CSI) and improved thermals that enable a faster 1.8GHz SoC. Last year the Raspberry Pi 4 SBC shipped in an optional, $120 Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit configuration that supplies […]

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Raspberry Pi Foundation announces the cute little Raspberry Pi 400

This is the Atari 400 Raspberry Pi 400. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is launching a new product today — and it’s a brand new device. As you can see on the photo, the Raspberry Pi 400 is a computer integrated in a compact keyboard that costs $70.
And it is the easiest way to get started with a Raspberry Pi. If you’re not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, it’s a single-board computer with a lot of connectors that is the size of a deck of cards.
You can give it to a kid so that they can play around with a terminal, you can use it for your weekend projects as the computing brain or you can give it to your grandparents to replace their slow Windows XP computer that they use to receive emails.
Last year, when the Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced the Raspberry Pi 4, the foundation also used this opportunity

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