Get started with Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform. It is made up of the following components: Broker, Producer, Consumer, Admin, Connect, and Streams.

Learning objectives
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build an end-to-end streaming pipeline using Apache Kafka, Kafka Connect, and Kafka Streams.

You’ll learn how to:
Configure the Kafka command line tools
Create, list, and describe topics using the tool
Consume records with the tool
Produce records with the tool
Describe consumer groups with the tool
Configure and run the Kafka Connect runtime in distributed mode
Configure and run the FileStreamsSourceConnector Kafka connector
Run a Kafka Streams application
Apache Kafka CLI
Java SDK, Version 8 or above
gradle, Version 6 or above
Estimated time
Completing this workshop should take about 1 hour.
Install & configure a Kafka cluster
Sending & consuming messages
Integrating data with Kafka Connect
Processing data with Kafka Streams
Step 1: Install and configure a Kafka cluster
In part 1 of this workshop, you set up a Kafka cluster:
Using IBM Event Streams on

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