Casetext Add-In Enables Automated Brief Drafting in Microsoft Word

The legal research company Casetext is today introducing an add-in for Microsoft Word that enables legal professionals to use its Compose automated brief-drafting technology directly within documents on their desktops.
The add-in includes all the motions and features available in the online Compose application, including click-to-add arguments and Parallel Search, an AI-driven concept-search tool that uses a sentence to find matching case law, even when the case includes none of the same words.
It is available immediately to all Casetext enterprise customers and will be more widely available in the coming months.
Launched by Casetext last February, Compose is a first-of-its-kind product that helps automate the creation of the first draft of a litigation brief, significantly cutting the time the draft would normally take.
At the time, cofounder and CEO Jake Heller said the product was “poised to disrupt the $437 billion legal services industry and fundamentally change our understanding of what types of

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