Is QAnon an 8Chan Game Gone Wrong?

This week London’s prestigious Financial Times published a 15-minute video investigating the question: “Is QAnon a game gone wrong?”

In 2017, the Q team, whoever they may be, made use of the modern equivalent of the Playboy’s letters page. It’s a message board called 4Chan… A YouTuber called defango has since claimed the work was his. He says he created Q as an alternative reality game, mostly for the LOLs, but also to smoke out bad journalists in the alternative media space. But he also says that in 2018, a man called Thomas Schoenberger wrested control of the game from him… Nobody knows if what he says is really true. What is becoming clear is that the whole thing has run away with itself…

Anyone who plays live action role playing games, known as LARPs, will recognise the gaming elements of QAnon [according to alternate-reality game pioneer Jim Stewartson.] “In 2015,

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TV best bets with Bill Murray, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Octavia Spencer, ‘Borat 2,’ ‘The Voice,’ Olaf

While the broadcast networks are slowly bringing back scripted shows, streaming services keep picking up films that had originally been destined for theaters.

On Thursday, HBO Max introduces “Roald Dahl’s The Witches,” which stars Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer and Stanley Tucci. A young boy stumbles upon a secret coven of witches led by Hathaway’s character and, with the help of his loving grandmother (Spencer), vies to stop their evil plan to turn all the world’s children into mice. The film was originally supposed to be in theaters this month if the pandemic had not happened.

On Friday, Amazon will roll out the “Borat” sequel, which has already gotten plenty of advance press. The streaming service picked up the film just last month once it was clear the production company no longer felt it was wise to bring it to theaters. On the

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Linux 5.10 Solves the Year 2038 Problem Until 2486

The Linux 5.10 kernel’s XFS file-system will have two new on-disk meta-data capabilities, reports Phoronix:

1. The size of inode btrees in the allocation group is now recorded. This is for increasing redundancy checks and also allowing faster mount times.

2. Support for timestamps now until the year 2486.

This “big timestamps” feature is the refactoring of their timestamp and inode encoding functions to handle timestamps as a 64-bit nanosecond counter and bit shifting to increase the effective size. This now allows XFS to run well past the Year 2038 problem (where storing the time since 1970 in seconds will no longer fit in a signed 32-bit integer and thus wraparound) to now the Year 2486. Making a new XFS file-system with bigtime enabled allows a timestamp range from December 1901 to July 2486 rather than December 1901 to January 2038. For preserving backwards compatibility, the big timestamps feature is not

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