Legaler Aid Aims To Tackle The Justice Gap Through Crowdfunding And Blockchain

Way back in 2018, I reported here on the plan by Australia-based company Legaler to create a blockchain-based legal charity to allow social justice legal cases to be supported through crowdfunding and matched with lawyers willing to handle them.
Today that project, Legaler Aid, is officially launching, promising to connect litigants in social justice cases with the lawyers and funding they need “to navigate an overpriced legal system.”
Formed as a charitable organization in both the U.S. and Australia, Legaler Aid enables anyone to easily donate to legal cases they wish to support. Donated funds will go directly to case expenses, including legal fees, expert witness fees, and the like.
The service will use a blockchain ledger to ensure transparency around how donated funds are used. Those who donate funds to a case will be able to follow on the ledger exactly where and when funds are disbursed.
“We want every stakeholder to have

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