Review: Epomaker GK68XS Bluetooth mechanical keyboard

Granted that Bluetooth keyboards don’t have any direct connection to ebooks, they are nonetheless an important key to making better use of the tablet that you might have gotten to do various things that include e-reading—such as, for example, going to a picturesque spot to write something that might one day become an ebook.

I’ve reviewed a number of such keyboards for TeleRead, in fact: these models by AmazonBasics and Anker, as well as an Anker keyboard cover for the iPad Mini; Julie reviewed a keyboard by Inateck, also. Which provides me with all the excuse I need to review another, because I think I’ve finally found the nearly perfect Bluetooth tablet keyboard: the Epomaker GK68XS.

I picked it up basically on a whim, when I ran across the Kickstarter funding the project in a Facebook advertisement. The design of the keyboard intrigued me, so I shelled out the cash. Some

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