Fastcase Acquires Technology and Staff of Innovative Legal Research Platform Judicata

In a move that could dramatically reshape the legal research market going forward, legal research and publishing company Fastcase has acquired the technology and employees of the California legal research platform Judicata, promising to take its unique technology to all 50 states.
One of the most innovative legal research platforms in the U.S., Judicata came to market in 2017, after spending five years in stealth mode teasing the promise of a better legal research service. Its unique premise was to “map the legal genome” — that is, map the law with extreme accuracy and granularity — in order to deliver search results that CEO Itai Gurari, one of the company’s three founders, claimed were unprecedented in their precision and relevancy.
Itai Gurari“We’ve focused on building a search engine that returns the best results the fastest, and at this point it mops the floor with Westlaw and Lexis,” Gurari told me in 2017.

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