Fedora 33 Beta Linux distro with GNOME 3.38 now available for PC and Raspberry Pi

Fedora 33 Beta was scheduled to be released during September, and on the eve of the final day of that month, the pre-release operating system is finally here! Yes, if you love Fedora and want to give an early version of 33 a try, today is your lucky day. As you can imagine, Fedora 33 Beta comes with the excellent GNOME 3.38, which was only released a couple of weeks ago. The biggest change, however, is BTRFS being made the default filesystem — ext4 is no longer the standard. Wow. Also significant? The new default editor is nano. “Fedora 33… [Continue Reading]

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Xen Project Officially Ports Its Hypervisor To Raspberry Pi 4

The Xen Project has ported its hypervisor to the 64-bit Raspberry Pi 4. The Register reports: The idea to do an official port bubbled up from the Xen community and then reached the desk of George Dunlap, chairman of the Xen Project’s Advisory Board. Dunlap mentioned the idea to an acquaintance who works at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and was told that around 40 percent of Pis are sold to business users rather than hobbyists. With more than 30 million Arm-based Pis sold as of December 2019, and sales running at a brisk 600,000-plus a month in April 2020, according to Pi guy Eben Upton, Dunlap saw an opportunity to continue Xen’s drive towards embedded and industrial applications.

Stefano Stabellini, who by day works at FPGA outfit Xilinx, and past Apache Foundation director Roman Shaposhnik took on the task of the port. The pair clocked that the RPi 4’s system-on-chip

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Law via the Internet 2020

I might have titled this post “pandemic pleasures” or some other alliterative title that made it clear that ONLY in 2020 would some opportunities be available.
This year I had the benefit and pleasure of attending a conference that I have longed to go to – Law Via the Internet. LVI 2020 was originally intended to be in the UK. The conference is almost always overseas. Slawyers know that in-person conferences and travelling are not possible. Slawyers should also know by now that many, many things are now feasible like attending a global conference of interest but perceived as not directly related to your employment.
If I had been asked in 2016, 2017, or 2018 about attending LVI, my response would have been something like, “that would be an amazing experience, but I am not sure if it would be applicable to my work.” What a silly response that turned out to

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The ideal blogging tool

The ideal blogging tool design would come from merging the publishing of WordPress with the interactivity of Facebook.
I don’t mean the culture of either product. WordPress imho is too exclusive in its deployment. It should be easier. And without any FB-like algorithms.
You should be able to deploy it on your own. It should install as easily as an app on your iPhone. And you should have full control of hosting. Move whenever you want with no breakage. It should be as easy to port as it was to install.
A cartoon from 2005.

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