Google: Jetpack Compose Lets Android Developers Write Apps With ‘Dramatically Less Code’

Google today released the alpha version of Jetpack Compose, its UI toolkit for helping developers “build beautiful UI across all Android platforms, with native access to the platform APIs.” From a report: While an alpha release means it is definitely not production ready, Jetpack Compose promises to let Android developers build apps using “dramatically less code, interactive tools, and intuitive Kotlin APIs.” The alpha release also includes new tools including Animations, Constraint Layouts, and performance optimizations. Android Jetpack, which Google launched at its I/O 2018 developer conference, is a set of components for speeding up app development. Think of it as the successor to Support Library, a set of components that makes it easier to leverage new Android features while maintaining backwards compatibility. Jetpack Compose, which Google first showed off at its I/O 2019 developer conference, is an unbundled toolkit meant to simplify UI development by combining a reactive programming

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