Open Source Proponents React to Google’s ‘Open Usage Commons’

Google’s announcement of a new open source initiative called the Open Usage Commons “caused some consternation among other open source proponents,” according to Diginomica:

IBM’s reaction is typical. In a statement, the company said that “the creation of the Open Usage Commons (OUC) is disappointing because it doesn’t live up to the community’s expectation for open governance… Without this vendor-neutral approach to project governance, there will be friction within the community of Kubernetes-related projects….”

Google’s underlying reason was that the management of trademarks was an area for legal specialists — something beyond the competence of open source project maintainers. According to Google, the new initiative would address this knowledge gap. “The Open Usage Commons is therefore dedicated to creating a model where everyone in the open source chain — from project maintainers to downstream users to ecosystem companies — has peace of mind around trademark usage and management. The projects in

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