GitHub Buries Giant Open-Source Archive In An Arctic Vault

Microsoft-owned GitHub has finally moved its snapshot of all active public repositories on the site to a vault in Norway. ZDNet reports: GiHub announced the archiving plan last November and on February 20 followed through with the 21 terabyte snapshot written to 186 reels of film. GitHub cancelled plans for a team to “personally escort the world’s open-source code to the Arctic” due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving the job to local partners who received the boxed films and deposited them in an old coal mine on July 8. The archive is being stored in Svalbard, Norway, a group of islands that’s also home to the global seed bank.

“The code landed in Longyearbyen, a town of a few thousand people on Svalbard, where our boxes were met by a local logistics company and taken into intermediate secure storage overnight,” said Julia Metcalf, director of strategic programs at GitHub. “The

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