ROSS Asks Court to Dismiss Thomson Reuters’ Lawsuit, Decrying It As A Monopolistic Tactic

After legal research goliath Thomson Reuters sued legal research startup ROSS Intelligence on May 6, alleging that it stole content from Westlaw, ROSS responded with a vow to fight the lawsuit, denying it did anything wrong and portraying the lawsuit as an anticompetitive tactic by TR to squelch an up-and-coming competitor.
UPDATE: Thomson Reuters issues statement in response to ROSS’s motion to dismiss.
Today, ROSS filed its first formal response to the lawsuit, filing a motion to dismiss in the U.S. District Court in Delaware in which it made good on its vow to fight.
The brief in support of the motion calls into question TR’s claims of copyright in case headnotes and its key number system, claiming that neither has the requisite originality or creativity required to be protected by copyright, that they are unnecessary to the modern practice of law, and that TR is inappropriately using them to exert monopoly control over

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