2020-06-29 13:57:18

Why work on Radio3 now? I’ve had it on my list for a long time. It’s long overdue for an overhaul. I wrote it when I was new to JavaScript and didn’t really understand the rules, it’s a weird language and the browser is a very weird runtime environment. But I always seem to find something sexier and more speculative to work on. Programmers notoriously hate to clean up their messes. I’m no different. Then I had a Come to Jesus moment. I use Radio3 all day every day. I use it on my iPad and iPhone as well as my desktop. It does a lot of my Twitter posts, it’s the Links tab on scripting.com, and the links section of the nightly email. It’s an important piece of software. Staring me right in the face. Improving it could make everything better. And making it easier to work on the

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