Mozilla Eyes Decentralized Web-Based Videoconferencing Platform ‘Meething’

Last month Techcrunch reported that Mozilla had gone “full incubator” by holding a startup lab called Fix the Internet, followed by “a formal program dangling $75,000 investments in front of early-stage companies…”

Fix the Internet had many key themes, including collaboration and decentralization (as well as user-controlled data and privacy-protecting social networks). That event “drew the interest of some 1,500 people in 520 projects, and 25 were chosen to receive the full package and stipend during the development of their minimum viable product (MVP). Below that, as far as pecuniary commitment goes, is the ‘MVP Lab,’ similar to the spring program but offering a total of $16,000 per team.”
And one of those MVP Lab teams is Meething, a new video conferencing and collaboration platform from the innovation lab ERA. Meething “aims to be more secure than existing video conferencing tools and run on a decentralized database engine and leverage

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