The “Snyder cut” exists: Justice League re-shoot coming to HBO Max in 2021

Enlarge / From hashtag to reality: the “Snyder cut” is coming. (credit: WarnerMedia)
After years of fan demands—and then months of rumors and teases—the news is official: the 2017 DC Comics film Justice League is returning as a “director’s cut” in 2021, and the whole campaign will revolve around its original director, Zack Snyder, overhauling and stretching the story and runtime to a whopping four-hour version.
HBO Max, the streaming platform slated to launch next week, confirmed the news by shamelessly employing the oft-used #releasethesnydercut hashtag that DC Comics fans have used for years. The original film hit theaters in November 2017 after its production was halted and overhauled by interim director Joss Whedon, who took over when Snyder left the production due to a family tragedy. Since then, fans have wondered what shape the film might have taken if it were completed by its original director.
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