Who owns all that course content you’re putting online?

The public health crisis is forcing professors to put more and more of their lectures and other course materials online. Some of them now wonder if they still own that content.

The good news is that they generally do, for now. The bad news is that intellectual property experts foresee, through the pandemic fog, potential scenarios in which that could change. So they advise faculty members to demand that institutions affirm their IP rights for the COVID-19 era.

“A lot of things are on people’s minds right now and this, understandably, may not be at the top of the agenda,” said Christopher Jon Sprigman, a professor of law at New York University. “But it might be useful for faculty members to get clarification on how these materials are treated.”

U.S. copyright law includes a work-for-hire doctrine saying that works prepared in the scope of employment belong to the employer, not the employee (there are

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