New – Building a Continuous Integration Workflow with Step Functions and AWS CodeBuild

Automating your software build is an important step to adopt DevOps best practices. To help you with that, we built AWS CodeBuild, a fully managed continuous integration service that compiles source code, runs tests, and produces packages that are ready for deployment.
However, there are so many possible customizations in our customers’ build processes, and we have seen developers spend time in creating their own custom workflows to coordinate the different activities required by their software build. For example, you may want to run, or not, some tests, or skip static analysis of your code when you need to deploy a quick fix. Depending on the results of your unit tests, you may want to take different actions, or be notified via SNS.
To simplify that, we are launching today a new AWS Step Functions service integration with CodeBuild. Now, during the execution of a state machine, you can start or stop a build, get build report summaries,

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