Integrate a COVID-19 crisis communication chatbot on a website

This tutorial takes you through building a simple Node.js application that is connected to a COVID-19 chatbot using the Watson Assistant APIs. The steps are taken from this assistant-simple repository and adopted for 2020 Call for Code challenge. You can use this tutorial as a starting template for the COVID-19 challenge.
Learning objectives
In this tutorial, you will:
Learn how to create a simple Node.js application.
Connect the application to a chatbot using the IBM Watson Assistant APIs.
Test and run the application locally.
Deploy the application on IBM Cloud as a Cloud Foundry application.
Here is a demo of the final application:

Sign up for an IBM Cloud account.
Download the IBM Cloud CLI. You will use it to push your Node.js application to the cloud.
Create a COVID-19 chatbot and connect it to data sources You need to get the credentials from that chatbot to use in your Node.js application:
Log in to your IBM Cloud account.
Go to resources

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