Create a quiz app to assess online learning

As learning and collaboration moves online in response to the COVID-19 crisis, developers will need to build microservices to enable distance learning. As part of that learning, instructors need to be able to assess their students’ understanding of course material.
This tutorial shows you how to build a simple quiz app to assess learner understanding. A major benefit of the app is its flexibility: this starter kit can easily be adapted into a short essay app, a grading app, or other educational tool.
Loopback is an open source tool for quickly building a data api for your applications. Whatever your specific application’s purpose, Loopback gets you quickly writing application logic instead of data-handling code.

You can find code and related files for this tutorial in the accompanying GitHub repo.
You can also try a quiz and explore the api before you get started on your own app.
Learning objectives
By completing this tutorial, you will

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