Create a mobile app to facilitate community collaboration

There is a growing interest in enabling communities to cooperate among themselves to solve problems in times of crisis, whether it be to advertise where supplies are held, offer assistance for collections, or other local services like volunteer deliveries.
For example, with the 2020 SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19 or “Novel Coronavirus”) crisis, federal and local governments may be rolling out broad programs, but cooperation at the local level is usually the most effective way of getting help to where it is most needed as quickly as possible. Traditional social media is one way of communicating within a community, but this is often not sufficiently structured to enable rapid discovery of help needed.
In the current crisis, we have already seen shortages of local food, medical equipment, and other supplies. In addition, the recommended (or required) self-isolation and social distancing measures can compound the problem by preventing people from easily getting to locations with the

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