Get started developing IoT solutions by building a simple home automation system

IoT 101: Getting started with IoT development This article is part of the IoT 101 learning path, a quick-start guide for IoT developers. IoT concepts and skills IoT hardware guide IoT networking guide IoT platforms Tutorial: Build a simple home automation system (this tutorial)
Sometimes the most effective home automation projects are the ones that solve very simple problems.
Here’s my simple home automation IoT solution. I have trouble hearing my door bell when I’m working upstairs wearing headphones, so I’m going to create a smart doorbell system:
I’m going to add a motion sensor to the front door of my house that will activate whenever someone is at the front door.
I’ll also add a temperature and humidity sensor that I can use to monitor the conditions outside my front door at any time, so I won’t forget my coat or umbrella when I leave the house if I need them.
I’ll use the

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