71-Year-Old William Gibson Explores ‘Existing Level of Weirdness’ For New Dystopian SciFi Novel

71-year-old science fiction author William Gibson coined the word “cyberspace” in his 1984 novel Neuromancer. 36 years later he’s back with an even more dystopian future in his new novel Agency.

But in a surprisingly candid interview in the Daily Beast, Gibson says he prefers watching emerging new technologies first because “To use it is to be changed by it; you’re not the same person.”

“I’m not someone who works from assumptions about where technology might be going. My method of writing is exploratory about that.”

That’s certainly the case with Agency, Gibson’s latest, a densely structured, complexly plotted novel that takes place in two separate time frames, which he refers to as “stubs,” and has as one of its central characters an AI named Eunice, who is one part uploaded human consciousness and another part specialized military machine intelligence. In one stub it’s 2017, a woman is in the White

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I’m re-thinking RSS now

I’ve been having a big change of thinking re RSS.
In 1999, I compromised. I wanted journalism and blogging to share a common format. So I ditched the format I designed and accepted Netscape’s adaptation in its place, to create unity. And it worked, it was the level playing field I had hoped for. Blogging and journalism both thrived in RSS. But at a price.
The price was forcing blogs into the same format that news orgs used. Problem is, as we can see clearly with Twitter, that format isn’t the only one. As Twitter discovered, its style of writing doesn’t fit into the model of RSS. People were disappointed when they stopped publishing tweets via RSS. But this was the right thing to do, in hindsight. It wasn’t working.
I turned a corner in 2017 with my blog. I realized then, though I wouldn’t have put it this way, the price

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