Reports Say Atrium Letting Go Most Of Its Legal Staff; Had Vowed to ‘Revolutionize Legal Services’

With its much-ballyhooed launch in 2017 and its backing by Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Twitch founder Justin Kan, Atrium said it would “revolutionize legal services” through its dual-entity model of a law firm and a separate-but-connected entity to provide back-end services and technology.
But now there are signs the revolution is at least partially raising a white flag. The company this week reportedly notified numerous lawyers and others who work in its legal services entity that they will be let go.
The reports suggest that Atrium will no longer directly provide legal services, but rather will focus primarily on its technology development.
One person familiar with the company speculated that Atrium will become a marketplace of special services for seed-stage and Series A-stage technology startups, with the services provided by third parties.
Reportedly, some of the lawyers being let go have been invited to offer their services independently through this marketplace.
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