Amazon SageMaker Processing – Fully Managed Data Processing and Model Evaluation

Today, we’re extremely happy to launch Amazon SageMaker Processing, a new capability of Amazon SageMaker that lets you easily run your preprocessing, postprocessing and model evaluation workloads on fully managed infrastructure.
Training an accurate machine learning (ML) model requires many different steps, but none is potentially more important than preprocessing your data set, e.g.:
Converting the data set to the input format expected by the ML algorithm you’re using,
Transforming existing features to a more expressive representation, such as one-hot encoding categorical features,
Rescaling or normalizing numerical features,
Engineering high level features, e.g. replacing mailing addresses with GPS coordinates,
Cleaning and tokenizing text for natural language processing applications,
And more!
These tasks involve running bespoke scripts on your data set, (beneath a moonless sky, I’m told) and saving the processed version for later use by your training jobs. As you can guess, running them manually

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