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The XML-RPC spec looks really good, ported to GitHub and Markdown. A lot of people still use XML-RPC, even though REST was supposed to be so much better (it’s not, provably). With a JavaScript reference implementation and new debugging tools, we may find there’s new life in the community. Or at the very least, it’ll be ready for the next 21 years. I guess a spec site should get an update every 21 years or so, whether it needs it or not.

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Check out The Amazon Builders’ Library – This is How We Do It!

Amazon customers often tell us that they want to know more about how we build and run our business. On the retail side, they tour Amazon Fulfillment Centers and see how we we organize our warehouses. Corporate customers often ask about our Leadership Principles, and sometimes adopt (and then adapt) them for their own use. I regularly speak with customers in our Executive Briefing Center (EBC), and talk to them about working backwards, PRFAQs, narratives, bar-raising, accepting failure as part of long-term success, and our culture of innovation.
The same curiosity that surrounds our business surrounds our development culture. We are often asked how we design, build, measure, run, and scale the hardware and software systems that underlie Amazon.com, AWS, and our other businesses.
New Builders’ Library Today I am happy to announce The Amazon Builders’ Library. We are launching with a collection of detailed articles that will tell you

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Record Your Screen as a GIF Using LICEcap

Windows and MacOS: LICEcap is a simple app for recording a portion of your screen and saving it to a GIF. It’s very useful when you can’t easily share a video file, or when you want to post your recording on a web page, and video uploading is too much of a chore.Read more…

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Drupal 8.8.0 is available

What’s new in Drupal 8.8.0?
The last normal feature release of Drupal 8 includes a stable Media Library as well as several improvements to workspaces and migrations. The new experimental Claro administration theme brings a fresh look to site management. This is also the first release to come with native Composer support.
Download Drupal 8.8.0
Stable Media Library
The Media Library module allows easy reuse of images, documents, videos, and other assets across the site. It is integrated into content forms and seamlessly fits into CKEditor. You can upload media right from the library and even reuse a combination of uploaded and existing media. Media Library was previously included with Drupal core as a beta experimental module.

New experimental administration theme
The Claro administration theme was added to Drupal core with beta experimental stability. The new theme is clean, accessible, and powerful. Administration pages are more touch-friendly, and color combinations and contrasts are more accessible.

Significant improvements

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