Build an end-to-end application with LoopBack, Cloudant, and React.js

In this tutorial, learn how to build an end-to-end React.js application that serves as a dashboard to display sales data that is stored in a Cloudant database. See how to use LoopBack 4 to expose REST APIs to connect to the Cloudant database so that the frontend dashboard can call the APIs.
The are two main parts of this tutorial:

Part 1: Create the APIs connected to Cloudant using LoopBack: See how to create a LoopBack application lb4-sales-analytics that connects to a Cloudant database.
Part 2: Create the React application that calls the REST APIs created in Part 1: Learn how to build a dashboard application, lb4-sales-react-app, using React.js.
To complete the steps in this tutorial, you need to:
Install Node.js 8.9+ and LoopBack 4 CLI.
Review LoopBack’s set of command line interfaces that help you create the LoopBack artifacts more easily.
Get the code for part 1 and part 2 so you can follow the examples

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