Richard Stallman Is Still Head of the GNU Project

On Thursday, Richard Stallman reminded the GNU Project mailing list that “On September 16 I resigned as president of the Free Software Foundation, but the GNU Project and the FSF are not the same. I am still the head of the GNU Project (the Chief GNUisance), and I intend to continue as such.”
The next day, with no explanation, a one-sentence update appeared on his personal blog at announcing that “I hereby step down as head of the GNU Project, effective immediately.” But a few commenters on social media speculated that the post could have come from someone who’d hijacked Stallman’s site — and sure enough, that sentence had been removed by Sunday morning. In addition, for what it’s worth posted an unconfirmed claim Sunday from “a generally reliable source” that “ was defaced by an FSF employee. The deface has been reverted, and the domain appears to

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