Dave in Woodstock

One of the reasons I moved to Woodstock is that I want to try for once being a software developer in an artistic context.
I’ve always seen software as a creative thing, like writing, painting or sculpting, but the rest of the world can’t seem to process this idea. I’ve tried doing my thing in Madison, Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Seattle and New York City. Everywhere I go I get blank stares when I say I create software as an individual. But where do you work? I work for myself. Who do you sell it to? I don’t sell it.
I do make money, from time to time, by selling something I’ve created, but most of what I create doesn’t make money, the opposite, it costs me money to make. It’s been that way ever since I was in my 20s and left Madison for Silicon Valley to make my fame

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France delays signing of Internet pledge amid U.S. pressure

France delayed the planned signing of a pledge by Internet platforms to fight hate speech online amid pressure from the United States, a French minister said, adding that he was still hopeful the U.S. will join the initiative.

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