Zotac ZBOX Magnus EC52070D Home Entertainment Mini PC Review

Without question, my living room PC is the most versatile piece of electronics in my AV system. I do just about everything with it, including all of my work for AVS Forum. From Photoshop to video editing in Premiere to music production in Ableton live, it’s the focus of my creativity and also a major source of entertainment.
Daily, I use a PC for streaming music with Google play, watch live sports on YouTube TV, and to stream TV shows plus movies using iTunes and Vudu. For years I’ve relied on a DIY PC that gets the job done, but is quite large. Now, with the Zotac ZBOX Magnus EC52070D Home Entertainment Mini PC, similar performance comes in a far more compact, modern mini-PC that’s much easier to fit into an AV system. Here’s my hands-on experience.
The System
Zotac sent me a “barebones” Magnus EC52070D, meaning it had the RTX 2070 video

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Install Nginx with Server Blocks (Virtual Hosts) on Debian 10

Nginx is a very popular high-performance web server that combines the power of reverse proxying, load balancing, caching and so much more. Depending on how it is configured, it can act as a reverse…
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Anonymous “Anonymous Cowards” are, for now, not welcome on Slashdot

Enlarge / What’s to come of Slashdot’s Anonymous Coward feature? It was down, then it came back with a change; will it get changed once more? (credit: Aurich Lawson)
On August 9, tech news aggregator Slashdot quietly removed one of its earliest features, which had been available to all visitors since its founding in 1997: the ability to post comments as an “Anonymous Coward.” And while the feature returned within five days, it returned in a largely nerfed format.
Users can now only access the “Anonymous Coward” feature if they are logged in with a valid account, thus attaching some form of tracked use for anybody on the site. Slashdot administrators say this change is currently “temporary.”
“Absolutely, only” meant to combat spam
The decision comes after a surge of public pressure against anonymous imageboard services—particularly 8chan, where a deadly shooter’s manifesto was apparently posted. That pressure prompted cloud provider Cloudflare (and other

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