A look at LibreOffice’s new 6.3.0 “fresh” release

An Ubuntu Xenial LTS system, showing the system base version of LibreOffice (5.1.6) as well as the newly snap-installed 6.3.0. [credit:
Jim Salter ]

The open source office suite LibreOffice released its version 6.3.0 last week. This was a major release which added many new features, as well as interoperability enhancements (read: better import and export of Microsoft Office documents) and performance increases. LibreOffice 6.3.0 is a “fresh” (not long-term support) release which may be downloaded directly—or, if you’re a Linux user, you might choose to install it from the Snap Store instead. Ubuntu (and probably most Linux users) will get a separate installation of LibreOffice 6.3.0 regardless of whether users install natively from download or install from snaps; Windows users who download the new version will have their existing LibreOffice version (if any) completely replaced upon installation.
The release notes for 6.3.0 boast

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