Landmark 2.80 Release of Open Source Blender 3D With Improved UI Now Available

“In the 3D content creation space, where are lot of professional 3D software costs anywhere from 2K to 8K Dollars a license, people have always hoped that the free, open source 3D software Blender would some day be up to the job of replacing expensive commercial 3D software packages,” writes Slashdot reader dryriver:

This never happened, not because Blender didn’t have good 3D features technically, but rather because the Blender Foundation simply did not listen to thousands of 3D artists screaming for a “more standard UI design” in Blender. Blender’s eccentric GUI with reversed left-click-right-click conventions, keyboard shortcuts that don’t match commercial software and other nastiness just didn’t work for a lot of people.

After years of screaming, Blender finally got a much better and more familiar UI design in release 2.80, which can be downloaded here. Version 2.80 has many powerful features, but the standout feature is that after

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