Create your first Assistant-powered chatbot

This article is part of the Watson Assistant learning path.
Introduction to Watson Assistant
Create your first Assistant-powered chatbot
Create a web-based chatbot with voice input and output
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Create a banking chatbot
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Create a Google Action with Watson Assistant
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Create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation
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Create a next-generation call center with Voice Gateway
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Watson Assistant can help you solve a problem by providing an intelligent interface using natural language. You can use the tools provided by the Assistant service with skills that will directly help your customers. The flexibility of the GUI tools and APIs combine to allow you to power applications and tools using AI in simple and powerful ways. The videos in this tutorial explain how to create the Watson Assistant service and how to add intents and entities.
What you’re going to learn
The following video gives a brief explanation of what you’ll create with this tutorial.

Create the Assistant

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Final Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Version Released

The last RHEL release, RHEL 7.7, is now available for current Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers via the Red Hat Customer Portal. ZDNet reports on what’s new: RHEL 7.7’s most important updates are support for the latest generation of enterprise hardware and remediation for the recently disclosed ZombieLoad vulnerabilities. The latest RHEL 7 also includes network stack performance enhancements. With this release, you can offload virtual switching operations to network interface card (NIC) hardware. What that means for you is, if you’re using virtual switching and network function virtualization (NFV), you’ll see better network performance on cloud and container platforms such as Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift.

RHEL 7.7 users can also use Red Hat’s new predictive problem shooter: Red Hat Insights. This uses a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based predictive analytics approach to spot, assess, and mitigate potential problems to their systems before they can cause trouble. For developers,

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