Best G-SYNC Monitors for Gaming

Got a NVIDIA graphics card in your computer? You’ll want to take a closer look at a G-SYNC monitor if you want a better gaming experience. Recently, prices have dropped on G-SYNC monitors as more competition has entered the market so you’re no longer having to pay a significant premium for the tech.
Now, it’s worth noting that NVIDIA has enabled adaptive sync with certain FreeSync monitors, but the list of supported monitors isn’t very lengthy. If you want a seamless solution to pair with your NVIDIA GPU, you’ll want to invest into a G-SYNC monitor.
What is G-SYNC?
G-SYNC is a type of display technology that synchronizes display refresh rates to a NVIDIA GPU to eliminate screen tearing, minimize display stutter and input lag. The result is a smoother and faster gaming experience, and many who have experienced it have a hard time going back. If your video card is capable of pushing you

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