Expanse fans, no need to worry—Amazon orders season 5 of its new sci-fi show

It’s back! The long-awaited fourth season of The Expanse returns on its new network, Amazon Prime. It will now apparently also air a future fifth season.

May 2018 initially looked like an anxious month for fans of television’s best sci-fi show in years, The Expanse. The ambitious SyFy series based on James SA Corey’s beloved novels had just the right mix of visual gusto, gripping action, geopolitical drama, and addictively tense pacing to keep us glued for its three seasons. (We learned Belter! We podcasted!) But then, unexpectedly, SyFy did what SyFy does—it cancelled the show ahead of its S3 finale.
Luckily, Expanse fans know the rest of the story. Less than a month later at National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that his company would be saving the series and producing a fourth season as an Amazon original. And this weekend, Bezos and co.

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