Is Motion Smoothing Ruining Cinema?

With TVs now delivering images faster than movies, TV manufacturers have tried to make up for that discrepancy via a digital process called motion smoothing. Whether you’ve realized it or not, you’ve likely watched a movie in motion smoothing, as it’s now the default setting on most TVs sold in the United States. Bilge Ebiri from Vulture says that while this feature was well-intentioned, “most people hate it.” He argues: “Motion smoothing transforms an absorbing movie or narrative TV show into something uncanny. The very texture of what you’re watching changes. The drama onscreen reads as manufactured, and everyone moves like they’re on a daytime soap — which is why it’s sometimes called the ‘soap-opera effect.’ In other words, motion smoothing is fundamentally ruining the way we experience film.” From the report: Motion smoothing is unquestionably a compromised way of watching films and TV shows, which are meticulously crafted to

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