The News Project’s publishing platform goes live with its first customer, CALmatters

CEO Merrill Brown says he founded The News Project to address one of the big problems in the journalism business: “It costs too much to launch and operate news sites.”
It’s an issue that Brown knows well — he’s a former journalist, journalism executive and educator who served as the founding editor in chief of He announced earlier this year that The News Project has raised a six-figure investment from WordPress VIP, and now it’s actually launching with its first customer, the nonprofit site CALmatters, which offers news and analysis around California politics.
Last week, Brown and The News Project’s product lead Miguel Ferrer walked me through what the the company does, both for CALmatters and more generally. The company’s pitch, in a nutshell, is to provide a “news business in box.”
Ferrer explained, “Not only is it what you need for a news business in a box, it’s also understood to

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