ICANN Lifts All Price Caps On .Org Domain Names

Reader GeorgeK writes: Despite documented overwhelming opposition by the public, ICANN has lifted all fee caps on .org domain names. As discussed in a prior Slashdot article in April when the public comment period was open, this would permit unlimited fee increases for .org registrants, and may set the stage for higher fees on owners of .com domain names. This decision demonstrates an enormous disconnect between ICANN, which is supposed to serve the public interest as a non-profit overseer of domain name regulations, and the public it purports to serve.

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OpsCenter – A New Feature to Streamline IT Operations

The AWS teams are always listening to customers and trying to understand how they can improve services to make customers more productive. A new feature in AWS Systems Manager called OpsCenter exemplifies this approach by enabling customers to aggregate issues, events and alerts, across services. So customers can go to one place to view, investigate, and remediate issues reducing the need to navigate across multiple different AWS services.
Issues, events and alerts appear as operations items (OpsItems) in this new console and provide contextual information, historical guidance, and quick solution steps. The feature aims to improve the mean time to resolution, making engineers more productive by ensuring key investigation data is available in one place.
Engineers working on an OpsItem get access to information such as:
Event, resource and account details
Past OpsItems with similar characteristics
Related AWS Config changes and relationships
AWS CloudTrail logs
Amazon CloudWatch

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Ryuk, Ryuk, Ryuk: Georgia’s courts hit by ransomware

Enlarge / Court systems in Georgia are down due to a ransomware attack. Surprise. (credit: Rivers Langley / SaveRivers / Wikimedia)
Georgia’s Judicial Council and Administrative Office of the Courts is the victim of the latest ransomware attack against state and local agencies. And this looks like the same type of attack that took down the systems of at least two Florida municipal governments in June.
Administrative Office of the Courts spokesman Bruce Shaw confirmed the ransomware attack to Atlanta’s Channel 11 News. The Administrative Office of the Courts’ website is currently offline.
Shaw told 11 News that some systems had not been affected by the ransomware but that all systems connected to the network had been taken offline to prevent the ransomware from spreading. The Courts’ IT department was in contact with “external agencies” to coordinate a response to the attack, Shaw said.
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