id Software’s origin story set to become USA Network TV series

Enlarge / John Carmack (left) and John Romero (second from right) pose with their id Software colleagues in the early ’90s. We really hope USA Network’s adaptation of their origin story gets this “fashion” just right. (credit: John Romero)
We’ve seen our share of video games turned into films and TV series, but what about the real-life origin stories behind those games? USA Network has planted a flag as the first TV network to develop a series based on the true stories of a video game’s genesis, and it’s a meaty one: Masters of Doom.
The series, named after the 2003 non-fiction book, will revolve around the creation of id Software, its meteoric rise following the launch of 1993’s DOOM, and its iconic pair of studio leads: idiosyncratic programming wizard John Carmack and brash, long-haired level designer John Romero. As Deadline reported on Thursday, the series currently only exists as a

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