Interviews: For the 25th Birthday of FreeDOS, Ask Its Founder A Question

FreeDOS was originally created in response to Microsoft’s announcement that after Windows 95, DOS would no longer be developed as a standalone operating system, according to Computerworld’s 2016 interview with FreeDOS’s founder and project coordinator, Jim Hall. “I packaged my own extended DOS utilities, as did others,” he explains on the FreeDOS web site, “and we found other public domain or open source programs that replaced other DOS commands.”

But that was back in 1994, when Jim Hall was still a college student. He went on to spend 11 years as a CIO in local government and the public sector, and served a year on the GNOME Foundation’s board of directors. Now it’s been 25 years, and as a prominent free software advocate, Hall contacted Slashdot to remind us that the FreeDOS Project “will turn 25 years old on June 29, 2019. This is a huge milestone for any open

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